Youbricks Engine Module

This amazing extension is everything you need to have your site look like or Simply install kick back and let Youbricks Engine do the rest. Special thanks go to team for one of a kind masonry layout and for beautiful Jquery lightbox plugin.



For advertising link add this code in your introtext:



  <a class="yjadvert" href="ADVERT_LINK" rel="nofollow" style="display: none;">.</a 
a class="yjadvertimg" href="ADVERT_IMAGE" rel="nofollow" style="display: none;">.</a>



For video link add this code in your introtext:



  <a id="VIDEO_TYPE" class="yjbrickvideo" href="VIDEO_LINK" rel="nofollow" style="display: none;">.</a>


 Video ID attribute types:

  • flash
  • movie
  • youtube
  • vimeo

Attribute id can use custom names like:

  • flash1
  • flash5
  • youtube8
  • movie5 

 Supported video types:

  • Vimeo videos
  • Youtube videos
  • Flash content ( swf files only )
  • QuickTime Movies

Extension Features:

  • Jquery Masonry Layout (see custom demo )
  • Jquery PrettyPhoto Lightbox
  • 2 Like Systems: YouBricks Module or (Joomla, K2)
  • Link To Joomla K2 Comment (see custom demo )
  • JComment ( Joomla Content ) or K2 comments counter (see custom demo )
  • Built in Advertising option (see custom demo )
  • Built in video display (see custom demo )
  • 6 PrettyPhoto Lightbox Themes
  • Append items on scroll or click (see custom demo )
  • Comments support for JComments ( Joomla content only )
  • PrettyPhoto Lightbox, Facebook , Twitter and Pinterest link share
  • Use custom module templates
  • Use custom module css
  • 2 different news sources (Joomla, K2)
  • Multiple or single category
  • Specific items
  • Choice of K2 images
  • News item ordering
  • Choice to show or hide only registered items
  • Module Class Suffix assignment

Extension Parameters:

Extension Attributes

  • Extension type:Module
  • Version:1.0.12
  • Category:Club Joomla! Extensions
  • Visits:116998
  • Last Update:May - 15 - 2015
  • Compatibility:
    j17 j25 j3.x

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