YJ Module Engine

YJME gives you the option to pick news source from Joomla or K2. Beside that, you can make multiple module copies and combine the news source from Joomla to K2. Note that combining 2 news sources in 1 module instance is not possible.To find out more about it please read the tutorial

YJ Module Engine features:

  • YJME is using Joomla MVC Structure
  • Edit Module template in module manager New!
  • Create new module template in module manager New!
  • Select default module stylesheet. New!
  • Edit module stylesheet trough module manager New!
  • Upload new stylesheet trough module manager New!
  • Create new stylesheet trough module manager New!
  • Choose news item source, Joomla or K2 New!
  • Select news items from all or specific Joomla/K2 category
  • Select specific news items from Joomla/K2
  • Drag and drop news item reorder
  • Choose default news item image for K2¬† (xs,small,medium,large xlarge)
  • Restrict display of Joomla frontpage news items New!

YJ Module Engine News Item settings:

  • Redirect to login page if news item access level (Joomla or K2) is set to Registered or higher¬† New!
  • Number of news items restriction
  • Number of news item intro text characters
  • Show / Hide Item title
  • Show / Hide Item Author ( if K2 link to author page)
  • Show / Hide
  • Display author username or real name
  • Show / Hide Intro Image
  • Intro image position ( left , right , top)
  • Intro image height and width setting
  • Show / Hide Category title ( Link to category)
  • Show / Hide Create date
  • Show / Hide Intro text
  • Show / Hide read more link
  • Show / Hide item rating stars

Extension Parameters:

Extension Attributes

  • Extension type:Module
  • Version:1.0.17
  • Category:Free Joomla! Extensions
  • Visits:225675
  • Last Update:Jul - 22 - 2015
  • Compatibility:
    j15 j17 j25 j3.x

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