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  • 20GB Premium Storage
  • 512MB Dedicated RAM
  • 1TB Network Transfer
  • 40GB Premium Storage
  • 1024MB Dedicated RAM
  • 2TB Network Transfer
  • 8GB Premium Storage
  • 2GB Dedicated RAM
  • 5TB Network Transfer
  • 100GB Premium Storage
  • 4GB Dedicated RAM
  • 10TB Network Transfer

Yj Plan Features

YJ Plan Features is a must have Joomla! Module for any subscription based website. This module will let you show specific features and pricing for up to 4 subscription plans. Equiped eye catching Mootools animation and WEB 2.0 style this module is a must have for any Joomla administrator.You can run up to 5 module instances on 1 page and give your customers multiple signup options. Module is cross browser compatible inlcuding IE6.

You can create custom module  templates for YJ Plan Features Simply copy modules/mod_yj_plans/tmpl/Default folder , rename it to your own template name and edit default.php within your template folder to your liking. Once you have created your module template , your template name will be visible in module settings under parameter Select default Module Template. You can also copy your template folder to your template/html/mod_yj_plans/ folder and create custom overides for each module instance. To get you started we have created blank module template name New

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  • Extension type:Module
  • Version:1.0
  • Category:Club Joomla! Extensions
  • Visits:14308
  • Last Update:Jan - 23 - 2012
  • Compatibility:
    j15 j17 j25 j3.x

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