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YJ Google Map

YJ Google Map is a Joomla module that will display your personalized Google map. Module comes with pre and post text editors and will let you include ...Find out more

YJ Plans Extended

YJ Plans Extended is advanced Joomla module that will let you setup custom pricing tables. Module comes with 2 default layouts and gives you an option ...Find out more

YJ Media Slider

YJ Media slider is responsive and mobile ready images or videos slider that will let you animate up to 10 slides. Module is fully responsive and will ...Find out more

YJ Mijoshop Categories Menu

  YJ Mijoshop Categories menu is custom Joomla module for Mijoshop e-commerce Joomla extension that can display all available Mijoshop categories ...Find out more

YJ Mijoshop Products

YJ Mijoshop Products  is advanced Joomla module for Mijoshop e-commerce Joomla extension that can display all available Mijoshop products from spe ...Find out more

YJ Reservations

YJ Reservations module will let your visitors fill out a table reservation form and send you an email with reservation details. This module comes with ...Find out more

YJ Sphere Slider

YJ Sphere Slider is Joomla! image slider that displays your images with rounded corners effect and will let you add custom titles and descriptions for ...Find out more

YJ News Pop

YJ News Pop is Joomla newsflash module that displays K2 items or Joomla items in masonry layout. YJ News Pop has built in option to display your news ...Find out more

YJ Mortgage Calculator

This mortgage calculator can be used to figure out monthly payments of a home mortgage loan. This calculator automatically calculates while you are ty ...Find out more

YJ Piecemaker

YJ Piecemaker is flash, images and video slider ported to Joomla from popular Piecemaker2 by Modulearweb. Youjoomla Team inserted all available slider ...Find out more

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