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YJ Latest Tweets

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YJ Latest Tweets Joomla Module is new extension that will display your latest tweets from Twitter.com . Module style is driven by its own CSS stylesheet that you can edit to fit your website. If Twitter service is not available or the admin enters wrong Twitter username , the module will advise the visitor of any service outages or wrong settings.

Extension Features:

  • Shorten the characters count
  • Display any amount of tweets
  • Show or hide your Twitter image
  • Show or hide follow me link
  • Show or hide the tweet create date
  • Limit the number of tweets to show

Extension Parameters:

Extension Attributes

  • Extension type:Module
  • Version:2.0.6
  • Category:Club Joomla! Extensions
  • Visits:76501
  • Last Update:Jul - 30 - 2013
  • Compatibility:
    j15 j17 j25 j3.x

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