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Multimedia Box

Multimedia Box 3.0 is Joomla 1.7/2.5/3.0 plugin that plays videos and stream video files from social sites in lightbox javascript effect. You can also show single images or image galleries, inline content, ajax content and web pages. This version of Multimedia Box for Joomla is enhanced with Mediabox Advanced script from Iaian7.com which gives you more video power and sleek new style to catch the eye of your visitors .


Extension Features:

  • Width and height adjustable for each thumbnail with new width=height= parameters
  • Parameter caption= to show nice caption for your image gallery
  • Parameter thumb= you can add your own thumbnail images now ( faster site load. big image loads on click only.if not used big image stays in place)
  • Parameter thumbnone=0 to be used for image gallery call from 1 thumbnail only
  • Use Multimedia Box in Joomla 1.6/1.7/2.5/3.0 
  • 32 social sites video streams
  • flv,swf,wmv,mov,mp3,mp4 media support
  • Smooth image transition
  • 4 MediaboxAdvanced templates
  • Cross browser compatible



In code examples we must add space before and after brackets {}. Please remove empty space when you start using Multimedia Box


Grouping info : note that if you do not add groups to mbox , all links on current page will group in to one!


To display image as video link use these parameters:




To display simple text video link use :




Videos with images

{ mbox:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iv7Miwigeks|640|360|group=videos1|title=Halle on Youtube|vthumb=halle1.jpg|height=300|width=160|caption=Play me please :) }
{ mbox:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sy6mTZxqPYg|640|360|group=videos1|title=Kim on Youtube|vthumb=kim2.jpg|height=300|width=200|caption=Don't play her! Play me :) }


Halle on Youtube Play me please :)lightbox[videos1 640 360]Halle on Youtube Kim on Youtube Don't play her! Play me :)lightbox[videos1 640 360]Kim on Youtube


Twitter Media links


{ mbox:http://twitcam.com/118d|500|300|group=tweet|title=Twitter Media|txt=Twitcam }

 Twitcamlightbox[tweet 500 300]Twitter Media

TweetMiclightbox[tweet 500 300]TweetMic

Tic.FMlightbox[tweet 500 300]Tmic.FM

TweetPiclightbox[tweet 500 300]TweetPic

TweetVidlightbox[tweet 500 300]TweetVid

Yfrog Imagelightbox[tweet 500 300]Yfrog Image

Yfrog Videolightbox[tweet 500 300]Yfrog Video


Social video sites

{ mbox:http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=543650258685|640|486|group=social|title=Facebook::Face videos|txt=Play Facebook Video }

Play Facebook Videolightbox[social 640 486]Facebook::Face videos

Play Gametrailer Playerlightbox[social 640 486]Gametrailer::Gametrailer Player

Play Gametrailer Videolightbox[social 640 486]Gametrailer::Gametrailer videos

Play Flickr Videolightbox[social 500 300]www.flicker.com

Play Google Videolightbox[social 640 290]www.video.google.com

Play MetaCafe Videolightbox[social 400 350]www.metacafe.com

Play MySpace Videolightbox[social group=social title=www.myspace.com]www.myspace.com

Play Revver Videolightbox[social 480 392]www.Revver.com

Play Seesmic Videolightbox[social 480 392]www.Seesmic.com

Play YouTube Videolightbox[social 480 380]www.Youtube.com

Play YouTube Playlistlightbox[social 480 380]www.Youtube.com

Play YouTube HQ Videolightbox[social 480 380]www.Youtube.com

Play YouTube HD Videolightbox[social 480 380]www.Youtube.com

Play Veoh Videolightbox[social 540 438]www.Veoh.com

Play Viddler Videolightbox[social 437 370]www.Viddler.com

Play Vimeo Videolightbox[social 400 302]www.Vimeo.com

Play 12seconds.tv Videolightbox[social 431 359]www.12seconds.tv

Play DailyMotion Videolightbox[social 640 486]www.DailyMotion.tcom

Quietube + Youtubelightbox[social 500 300]Quietube + Youtube

Quietube + Vimeolightbox[social 500 300]Quietube + Vimeo

Play Rutube Videoslightbox[social 500 300]Rutube

Play Tudou Videoslightbox[social 500 300]Tudou

Play YouKu Videoslightbox[social 500 300]YouKu

Play Bliptv Videoslightbox[social 500 300]Bliptv

Play Break.com Videoslightbox[social 500 300]Break.com


Different video file types :

{ mbox:http://iaian7.com/media/2007/06/2007vfx.flv|640|360|group=filetypes|title=Flash video|txt=Play flash video }

Play flash animationlightbox[filetypes 550 410]Flash animation

Play MP4 videolightbox[filetypes 550 410]MP4 video

Play MP3 audiolightbox[filetypes 250 410]MP3 audio

Play flash videolightbox[filetypes 640 360]Flash video


Images examples:



Single image example:


{ mbox:yjsgts1.gif|width=205|height=110|caption=Template Setting|title=Template Settings:: Advanced Template Settings }


Template Settings:: Advanced Template Settings Template SettinglightboxTemplate Settings:: Advanced Template Settings

Image gallery example:


{ mbox:yjsgts6.gif|width=205|height=110|group=settings|caption=Template Manager|title=Template Manager::Advanced Joomla Template Manager }
{ mbox:yjsgts2.gif|width=205|caption=Style Settings|height=110|group=settings|title=Styles::Multiple style settings }
{ mbox:yjsgts7.gif|width=205|height=110|group=settings|title=Mobile Devices::Go Mobile with Joomla|caption=Mobile Devices }

Template Manager::Advanced Joomla Template Manager Template Managerlightbox[settings]Template Manager::Advanced Joomla Template Manager Styles::Multiple style settings Style Settingslightbox[settings]Styles::Multiple style settings Mobile Devices::Go Mobile with Joomla Mobile Deviceslightbox[settings]Mobile Devices::Go Mobile with Joomla


Thumb parameter example:


{ mbox:megan1.jpg|width=73|height=50|group=ladies|thumb=megan.gif|title=Megan Fox }
{ mbox:halle1.jpg|width=73|height=50|group=ladies|thumb=halle.gif|title=Halle Berry }
{ mbox:kim2.jpg|width=73|height=50|group=ladies|thumb=kim.gif|title=Kim Kardashian }


Megan Fox lightbox[thyes]Megan Fox Halle Berry lightbox[thyes]Halle Berry Kim Kardashian lightbox[thyes]Kim Kardashian


Thumbnone parameter example:


{ mbox:megan1.jpg|width=73|height=50|group=thno|thumb=megan.gif|title=Megan Fox }
{ mbox:megan2.jpg|group=thno|thumbnone=0|title=Megan Fox 2 }
{ mbox:halle1.jpg|group=thno|thumbnone=0|title=Halle Berry }


Megan Fox lightbox[thno]Megan Fox
lightbox[thno]Megan Fox 2
lightbox[thno]Halle Berry


Thumbnone parameter example2:


{ mbox:megan1.jpg|thumbnone=0|group=nothumb|title=Megan Fox|txt=No images link only!}
{ mbox:megan2.jpg|nothumb=thno|thumbnone=0|title=Megan Fox 2 }
{ mbox:halle1.jpg|nothumb=thno|thumbnone=0|title=Halle Berry }


No images link only!lightbox[nothumb]Megan Fox
lightbox[nothumb]Megan Fox 2
lightbox[nothumb]Halle Berry

Media Combo example:

{ mbox:megan1.jpg|width=73|height=50|group=mcombo|thumb=megan.gif|title=Megan Fox }
{ mbox:http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=543650258685|500|280|thumbnone=0|group=mcombo|title=www.Facebook.com }
{ mbox:ajaxLogin.htm|500|300|group=mcombo|thumbnone=0|title=Ajax Power }


Megan Fox lightbox[mcombo]Megan Fox lightbox[mcombo 500 280]www.Facebook.com lightbox[mcombo 500 300]Ajax Power


Web content examples:


Inline content example:


{ mbox:#yjmb_mydiv|300|300|title=My hidden div title|txt=Inline Content Link }

Hidden div html. Note! You must use div id prefix yjmb_ when defining Mbox parameter you must use this #yjmb_
and your hidden content should be sorounded with any html tag



Inline Content Linklightbox[inline 300 300]My hidden div title


iFramed Content example:

{ mbox:link_to_your_page.htm|500|300|title=Ajax Power|txt=This is Ajax Power }

This is Ajax Powerlightbox[ajax 500 300]Ajax Power


External pages example:

{ mbox:http://www.youjoomla.com|1005|600|title=Youjoomla::Joomla Templates Club|txt=Open Youjoomla.com }


Open Youjoomla.comlightbox[1005 600]Youjoomla::Joomla Templates Club

Extension Attributes

  • Extension type:Plugin
  • Version:3.0.4
  • Category:Free Joomla! Extensions
  • Visits:122936
  • Last Update:Nov - 07 - 2012
  • Compatibility:
    j17 j25 j3.x

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